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Coffee used be called Arabian Wine and spread to all over the world from Mocha seaport located south west of Yemen where face to the red sea. This is the beginning of coffee history of Yemeni Mocha. The only coffee which exported from Mocha seaport is called Mocha. The characteristic of Yemeni Mocha is 100% hand picked and dried bask in the sun and under the gentle and mysterious power of moon at night. These combination of environment make ripped coffee cherry concentrate flavor and aroma like winy fruity Yemeni Mocha Coffee.
An Arab country located in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south, and Oman to the east.
There are still many types of coffee variety only in Yemen because Yemen hasn't civilized and farmers have grown coffee the same as thousands years ago and very traditional way. It is very harsh environment without enough water and depend on only rain for few months a year during rainy season.Therefore, the full of mineral of soil make Yemeni Mocha coffee so rich.
Welcome to our delicious world of Arabian coffee, cakes and sweets, a hint of Arabia in the heart of trendy Daikanyama. Mocha Coffee brings special brews drawn from traditional Yemeni beans. Carefully hand dripped using an array of beans from different latitudes from across Yemen, enjoy a hint of medieval Arabia in a cup from our collection of fine bone china. Also on offer is Emirati style “gahwa”, a mellow coffee brew infused with a melody of cardamon, cloves and saffron with a hint of rose water, brought to us specially by a local Emirati lady from Jumeirah, Dubai. Served in traditional small Arabian “finyals”; minute coffee cups. Guests can also enjoy an assortment of freshly home baked cakes and pastries, plus a selection of authentic Middle Eastern delights. In season we offer fresh dates flown in from small farms around the oasis town of Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates. During other times of the year indulge on a variety of delectable kept dates. Visit us our place, and indulge in the fragrances and tastes of Arabia. “Ahlan wa Sahlan”.
COFFEE LIST『 L 』: Location / 『 A 』: Aroma / 『 T 』: After Taste
L:Bani Ismaili
A:Sweet, Bold
T:Winy (Red Wine)

A:Red Grape, Berry
T:Winy (Red Wine)

L:Bani Ismaili
A:Grassy, Earthy
T:Bitter Chocolate
A:Dry Fruit like Prune

L:Around Sana'a
A:Lemony like Lemon Peel
T:Winy (White Wine)

L:Bani Matar
A:Winy, Tangy (Red Grape)
T:Hint of Cacao
A:Herb, Nut
T:Sweet, Cacao

L:Bani Ismaili
A:Nut (Chestnut), Pollen
T:Earthy, Bold
Gusher is a daily drink in Yemen made from the outer shells of dried coffee cherries. Stick cinnamon, dried ginger, cardamon and sugar may be added.

Normally the coffee cherry contains two beans that develop with flattened facing sides, but sometimes only one of the two beans is fertilized, and the single bean develops with nothing to flatten it. This happenes in 5% of harvested.

Traditional coffee in the Middle East. Light roasted coffee with Cardamon and Saffron.